I strive to solve problems and communicate visually with a focus on keeping fun and light alive.

Reach me at LauraBagnato@gmail.com.


East Coast born and raised, West Coast at heart.

I earned a BA in Graphic Design with a printmaking focus from MICA. There I spent several semesters as a TA in Electronic Media and Culture, teaching students about the new digital world (and how to make a website). In addition, I worked part time in the print lab, so I know how to troubleshoot.

In 2006, when asked to participate in the Chronicle Books fellowship program, I packed up and moved to California. I began developing designs for books and gift products and soon transitioned into a full time position as a MarCom designer. What does that mean? For eight years, I worked on a full range of Chronicle Books marketing materials: print and digital ads, event collateral, product campaigns, websites, trade show materials, and branding. I can do everything from animating a GIF to preparing a catalog for press.

I expanded my repertoire in 2011, attending over 120 hours of classes at Bay Area Video Coalition. There I learned to edit digital video, and now am reasonably handy with a DSLR.

Today I am a full time Independent Designer based in Oakland, California. When I'm not enjoying the sun, I take in as much film, music, and food as I can absorb.

Brand Development/
Social Media/
Animated GIFs/
Short Video/
Web Design/
Product Packaging/
Book Layout/
Print Production/