Digital Design

       Since the internet blew up in the 90's, I've designed dozens of websites and hundreds of graphics for web and social media. Today there is MUCH to consider, with responsive sites and greater capabilities for large-scale imagery, in addition to the different demands of many diverse platforms.



       The Chronicle Books Blog runs on the Wordpress platform. For this project, I began with a template that met Chronicle's basic needs and formatted the colors, fonts, and photography to showcase the wonderful content.

       Banner Day Consulting had an existing Squarespace site, but Interior Designer and Owner Clara wanted some revisions and design updates. I helped organize and add new content, including the use of CSS coding to reorganize content based on the user's screen size.

       Alison Presley Campion is a writer and Product Marketing Manager at Instagram. She wanted a simple, clean site that acts as a living resumé and archive of her work. Using Squarespace as a starting point, we commissioned custom photography to show Ali's personality. 

       I'm currently working with Chronicle Books on a redesign of their ecommerce website.


Social Media Imagery

Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, blogs, eblasts, and on and on...
Designing imagery that stands out amongst the noise and brings smiles and clicks.

Social media photography shown above is the work of the talented Irene Kim.